I had two other plumbers try to unblock my drain only for it to block up again within a few weeks. The guy at Express Plumbing took the time to inspect the drain with a camera and noticed that the pipe was cracked; they dug it up and fixed it properly. Would recommend them to anyone, they are not just looking for a quick buck, they seem to really want to do a top job.


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Express is a true local family owned and run business that has focused itself on drainage and wastewater solutions, this has allowed us to become experts in the field our aim is to get your drainage issue fixed in the best possible way with the least amount of stress to you. We pride ourselves on showing each and every client how important they are to our business. Why not try us today I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s 6 reasons Express Drainage should be your first choice when you need a drain camera inspection…

tickWe turn up on time or call first or the first hour is free ….

No more waiting around all day for a plumber we believe if we make an appointment we should keep it. So if we are later than an agreed time and we don’t call first to let you know we will give you the first hour of labor for free

tickQuality blocked drain experts

Our drainage experts do drains’ and nothing else they don’t do tap washers, they don’t replace hot water systems they repair drains so they get very good at it

tickAll the best gear

Because all we do is drains we have been able to invest in all the best gear (including excavators, concrete cutting and drain imaging and location equipment) to get your drain fixed properly and as quick as possible

tickFree drain camera inspection with every cleared drain ….

Be sure your drain is fixed properly we camera inspect every repaired drain normal value $220 for free. To ensure there is no further problems that could cause your drain to back up again

tickLeave your property clean

We guarantee we will leave your home in the same condition it was prior to arrival. If you’re not satisfied, we will give you $100 gift voucher

tickFriendly happy professionals

We promise to always be happy friendly helpful and professional when completing your plumbing work if you feel we have not lived up to this we will give you $100 gift voucher